“Milos obsidian: Tracing Prehistory”

The Milos Mining Museum (MMM) educational programs’ cycle on “Milos obsidian: Tracing Prehistory” was successfully completed today. The three programs took place on February 14 & 17, and March 10 with the participation of 54 pupils of the first class of the Milos High School and 34 pupils of the 6th grade of the Milos Primary School.

The program was carried out in the Zafiris Vaos’ Obsidian Exhibition Wing of the MMM. The program was aiming to inform the pupils on the origin, the processing, and the uses of this characteristically Melian rock, as well as on the value attributed to it by man since the prehistoric times.  Especially for the pupils of the primary school, who had walked through the 7th Miloterranean route “Nychia” a few days ago, the activity in the Museum added to the knowledge already acquired through the guided visit to the prehistoric obsidian quarry of Nychia.

The program was realized by Mrs. Tania Koletsiou, an educator and a music teacher, a Museum’s partner in educational activities.

The educational program “Milos obsidian: Tracing Prehistory” is a part of the Museum’s  yearly activities, offered to the island’s educational community.

Imerys Greece S.A. was the sponsor of the program.

Milos, March 10 2017

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