The wealth of Milos

Milos is one of the richest Cycladic Islands in the Aegean, both in mineral (See Mineral Wealth of Milos) as well as natural resources (See Natural Wealth of Milos), due to its volcanic origin, which endowed the island with valuable minerals reserves, such as bentonite, perlite, pozzolan etc.

Mineral v. Natural Wealth?

Mining activity is closely related to nature. The ore is extracted from the earth and this causes disturbance to the morphology and vegetation of the area. This disturbance occurs mainly in surface mining and is due to the moving of great quantities of earth that create hollow extraction sites. At the same time large volumes of extracted overburden deposits cause further visual disturbance to the natural landscape. Modern and responsible mining companies must adopt the necessary principles and practices so as to minimize their environmental footprint, preserve the natural resources and reduce all types of pollution.

Minimization of the disturbance to the eco-system is achieved by means of:

  • careful planning of the mining activity before it begins and
  • extraction site reclamation, during and after mining works. Purpose is to restore the mine back to its natural state as it was prior to extraction

The techniques followed during land reclamation are:

  • Reshaping and landscaping of the surfaces to be reclaimed, in cases where this is additionally required or for depleted extractions.
  • Construction of all necessary technical works (drainage ditches, anti-erosion works etc.).
  • Covering of the surface with fertile topsoil, collected and stored for this purpose during the phase of extraction.
  • Sowing of seeds manually or mechanically.
  • Planting of shrubs and trees taking into account
    • The proper plant selection
    • use of supportive techniques in planting
    • use, preferably, of endemic plants grown in S&B-owned nurseries on Milos and in Phokis.
  • Fencing of reclaimed areas for protection from grazing herds.
  • Irrigation and follow-up care and maintenance of plants.
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