“Milos obsidian: Tracing Prehistory”

The Milos Mining Museum educational program“Milos obsidian: Tracing Prehistory”  took place between March, 31 and April 1st 2016 with the participation of 48 pupils of the Α1 and Α2 classes of the Milos highschool. The program’s venue was the Wing of the Zafiris Vaos’ Obsidian Exhibition, which complemented the Musuem’s other permanent exhibitions in 2011.  Aim of the program was to update the participating pupils on the origin, the processing, and the uses of this characteristically Melian rock, as well as on the value attributed to it by man since the prehistoric times.
Within the framework of the program, the pupils had the chance to learn about the volcanic activity and rocks and to get to know the sources and techniques of obsidian carving through research and observation. The educational activity was completed with a visit to the Bombarda area (in Lagada), where the children saw the natural obsidian deposits at the “Nychia” hill.
The transportation of the pupils to and from the Museum was undertaken by Imerys, sponsor of the educational program.


Obsidian_01 Obsidian_07 Obsidian_06 Obsidian_05 Obsidian_04 Obsidian_03 Obsidian_02

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